Homeroom and Guidance Program

The Homeroom Program is a holistic program which aims to accompany the student on the road to self-discovery and maturation.  Through the "Journeying with St. Marie Eugenie" formation modules, she grows in the knowledge and love of St. Marie Eugenie. In the process, she is given the avenue to reflect on her life as she finds parallelisms with the life of her personal saint.  This allows her to gain insight about her own journey and how God works in her and through her.

The Homeroom Program facilitates the student's discovery of her goodness and her giftedness.  It helps the student become a well-integrated woman who witnesses to the teachings of her faith and who is committed to be a catalyst for social transformation.

The student is provided opportunities for interior formation, process of conversion, interaction with others and forming relationships in the family, community and in the environment.  A life of prayer, giving and caring, integrity, humility and simplicity is emphasized.  The inculcation and clarification of values are integral in the process of forming a "character for life, life for God."



The Guidance Program facilitates a student's psycho-emotional development using carefully planned preventive and crisis-oriented guidance services.  Her Guidance Counselor, through counseling, group dynamics, and psychological assessment, walks with her towards a greater self-understanding and continues commitment for self-improvement in the spheres of academics, personal, social, and vocational living.  Through the Human Sexuality Program, she learns to appreciate her God-given identity as a woman and is guided towards achieving her full potentials.
The Grade School Guidance Program forms a student to be socially and emotionally mature.  In Preschool and the lower grades, she is helped to become fully aware and confident of her abilities.  As she is made to be cognizant and appreciative of individual differences, and is led to develop human relation skills through activities such as the Gr. 4 Leadership Training, Gr. 5 Peace-Building Workshop, Gr. 6 Team-Building Activity, and Gr. 7 Self-Disclosure and Feedbacking Activity.  More importantly, she is helped to strengthen her relationship with her family through family-centered programs such as the Gr. 5 Mother-Daughter Bonding Camp, the Gr. 6 Father-Daughter Bonding Activity, and the Gr. 7 Parent-Daughter Bonding Day. 
The High School Guidance Program prepares the student for life in the wider community by helping her acquire essential skills and attitudes in dealing with more serious life challenges.  Through yearly group dynamic activities called Class Encounters, she develops important life skills such as coping, adjustment, goal-setting, and decision making.  These skills are further harnessed as she is guided in planning for her college life and future career path through the Comprehensive Career Guidance Program.