Assumption Antipolo Feast Day 2022: Founded in Love, Celebrated with Joy

By AG Libatique, 12-2

March 10, 2022


“Love never says, ‘I have done enough.’” is a quote that all Assumptionistas are familiar with, and it is also one of Saint Marie Eugenie’s most memorable lines. This quote was the theme of this year’s celebration of her feast day which falls on March 10. Led by Reverend Father Cristopher Gonzales, the AA community commemorated the Mother Foundress’ feast day with a Eucharistic celebration.

The Eucharistic celebration emphasized the relevance of Saint Marie Eugenie’s legacy after founding the Religious of the Assumption. Despite being canonized as a saint only 15 years ago, she has already developed generations of Assumption communities dedicated to the love of service and to Jesus Christ. Saint Marie Eugenie was able to instill her values in every student’s heart, forming them to become women of faith and action through Assumption’s transformative education.

During Fr. Christopher’s homily, he spoke about the theme of love in the Gospel. He mentioned how Jesus pours his love to us by laying down His life to save us from our sins. With this, he said that the fruit of love is even more love. This can be seen in self-sacrifice, something our Mother Foundress did for the congregation. As Fr. Christopher said, “Love is the foundation of our Church”, and Saint Marie Eugenie founded the Religious of the Assumption out of love for Jesus Christ.

Although we are bound by limits imposed by the pandemic, Fr.Christopher calls us to remain hopeful during these trying times. He advised us to step out of our comfort zones and share ourselves with love. As Saint Marie Eugenie said, “Love never says, ‘I have done enough.’” We must continue to live out the values that our foundress has imbued in our hearts and live a life of service and compassion. For as long as we love, we serve.