The Preschool Program of Assumption Antipolo provides a nurturing environment that ensures a smooth transition of a home-to-school learning experience for the total development of the child. It follows the vision of Saint Marie Eugenie in educating the mind and the heart by offering child-centered and values-integrated activities. The program helps the students to develop a positive self-concept and to see the good in her and in others. The preschool students are equipped with the basic learning abilities in preparation for formal education.

    The Elementary Program is designed to equip the students with the basic skills and content in Reading, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Information and Communications Technology, Home Economics and Livelihood Education, and Physical Education. The teaching-learning experience is enriched by activities and encounters that enable students to see the relevance and usefulness of what they are learning. Education in the Assumption is a constant effort for a harmonious and simultaneous development of the intellect, the heart, and the will.

    The Junior High School program offers a specialized and enhanced curriculum that is designed to immerse the student in meaningful contexts as she learns about literature, society, history, economics, mathematics, science, technology, health, music, dance, fitness, and sports. The program forms young women to be apprentices for life in the community and society. It helps the student find her place in the world and prepares her to become an active and engaged citizen.

    The Senior High School Program is designed according to the philisophy of transformative education in the Assumption. The program prepares the learners to become individuals who are inspired by their Christian beliefs to actively contribute to the transformation of society first as students and then as professionals. Assumption Antipolo implements the four strands of the Academic Track: Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HUMSS), Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand (ABM), Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Strand (STEAM), and General Academic Strand with special Arts and Design Electives.