The On-Site Entrepreneurship Week Returns

By : Anita Valencia, 11-1, Joyce Rafallo, 11-2, Ella Consunji, 11-3, and Erin Villafranca, 11-4

June 5, 2023


Taking inspiration from the renowned Studio Ghibli and referencing the film Kiki’s Delivery Service, the Grade 11 students launched Junior’s Delivery Service, the first onsite Entrepreneurship Week since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, at the V-building garden from November 28 to December 2, 2022.

MS Teams channels were created to host the Junior’s businesses’ banners and announcements for online inquiries. Following the Studio Ghibli-inspired theme, each channel that represented a section in the level was named after a film from the Japanese studio. On campus, there were stalls set up in the area of the V-Building Garden for the Juniors to take walk-in orders and to have an area for their customers to pick up pre-orders from their online platform. Batch 2024 worked to offer a variety of products, ranging from self-care kits, tote bags, baked goods, candles, and even plants. Some businesses offered to customize their products according to the customer’s request. Students and teachers alike came to visit the VBuilding Garden to check out the stalls and to pick up their orders.

Through the hard work of the Grade 11 students and the participation of those who supported the diverse array of businesses they offered, the batch enjoyed the satisfaction of turning their products into profit – a portion of which was donated to the event’s beneficiary, Angat Buhay NGO.

This batch-led event happened alongside regular classes, and the Grade 11 were challenged to balance academics with running their own businesses, spending each break on handling their preparations. Classrooms were filled with prototypes of different products and some even brought suitcases to carry their equipment.

With the Entrepreneurship event being the first ever batch-led, face-to-face school event, it was exciting and even daunting to see how the students were able to overcome and adapt to the new challenges that came with the new reality. Coping with the aftermath of a pandemic makes it hard to remember or imagine life before it but, as shown by Batch 2024, the process of recovery and adjusting to the new normal can be realized with enough tenacity and grit.