Traveling Back in Time: A Virtual Tour of Intramuros

By: Frances Reanna R. Rugayan, 5-2

March 29, 2022


Last March 29, 2022, the Grade 5 students went on a virtual field trip organized by their AP teachers that brought them back to the Spanish and American colonization periods. They virtually went on a journey inside the walled city of Intramuros in Manila. Intramuros was a magnificent sight to see because ofthe massive walls that bordered it and its strategic location near the Pasig River that was well-thought-of and constructed by the Spaniards. The students learned as well that before the walls were built, Manila was first ruled by RajahsSulayman, Matanda, and Lakandula who all lost to the Spaniards. Afterwards, the Spanish colonizers in 1572 built the walls around Intramuros to keep the native Filipinos, Chinese, and also the foreign invaders like Limahong outside. Only those with Spanish blood, namely the Peninsulares, Insulares, and Mestizos, lived inside Intramuros.

Inside the walled city of Intramuros, the students virtually visited Fort Santiago, a fortified military area built by the Spaniards but was also used during World War 2. Fort Santiago, surrounded by a moat and the Pasig River, used to serve as protection for the prominent Spaniards inside the walled city. At present, located inside it are remnants of the past that are full of history because this was where Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned before he was executed in Bagumbayan. Also, during World War 2, many Filipino soldiers were imprisoned and lost their lives in thedungeons of Fort Santiago. The virtual tour likewise made the students experience and visualize how this fort was a very important defense location that protected Manila against invaders through the centuries.

After Fort Santiago, the Grade 5 students were taken next to Casa Manila. The very beautiful house gave the students a glimpse of how the Peninsulares or the Spaniards born in Spain lived before in Intramuros. The grand house was indeed a sight to behold, and each room was filled with wooden antique furniture that had intricate carvings. The students virtually toured each floor and all the rooms, and they had a glimpse of how the Spaniards, who were mostly very rich hacienderos, lived in the past.

The historical tour of Manila was a truly memorable and educational experience for the Grade 5 students. Also, along with the tour, the students bonded and had fun as they played trivia games about Intramuros which broadened further their knowledge of Philippine history. Hopefully soon, they can all visit andpersonally experience the other sights inside the walled city of Manila such as the churches, plazas, other old ruins,and museums so that they can learn more about their unique Filipino heritage.