Grade 11 Benefit Dinner: I was enchanted to meet you

By: Kaile Presnillo 11-2, Cha Lavastida 11-3, and Kamea Say 11-3

June 5, 2023


Once upon a time on the breezy hills of Assumption Antipolo, the Grade 11 students, along with their respective dates, took to the dance floor of the Multi-Purpose Building to celebrate the long-awaited Benefit Dinner, following the theme ‘Enchanted’. The Benefit Dinner core, led by Grade 11’s batch representative Bella De Leon, spent months of thorough planning to ensure that all aspects of the event – such as the venue decorations, program, music, and food — would cater to everyone’s enjoyment. This event was particularly organized to raise funds for the future projects of the batch’s chosen beneficiary, Angat Buhay NGO.

The event began at 6:30 in the evening of December 17, 2022, where it was opened with the students and guests standing for the Philippine National Anthem, followed by the Komusikasyon members of the batch singing the piece: ‘Psalm 4’ for the opening prayer. Afterwards, the event hosts, Sir LA Saludez and Sir Jamby Santos, took over the program and kept the students' spirits high as they talked about the remarkable job the organizers have done in preparation for this event. The Benefit Dinner also served as a way for the students to represent their class through the section Audio-Video Presentations (AVPs), wherein they illustrated the unity of their class. The first AVP presented was from Section 1 – which told the tale of two kingdoms (namely ‘Group A’ and ‘Group B’), and how these two rivaling kingdoms were able to put aside their differences in order to become one kingdom of love. The wonderfully-made AVP loosened up the tension in the venue and made way for the first interactional activity where the students and their partners were able to get to know more about each other's hobbies and interests through ‘Bingo Lingo’– a game that was a mix of Bingo and Tic-Tac-Toe. After the activity, Section 2 was able to present their AVP– a stunning video that exhibited their intuitive and artistic personality through their Alice in Wonderland-inspired film.

With the promise of savory and sweet dishes, the students’ and guests’ appetites were sated with the food served by the catering services. While everyone in the venue was enjoying the meal, guest performers and Old Girls Scarlet Canlas from De La Salle University and Alessa Songco from the University of Santo Tomas swayed the crowd with the songs they sang. Everyone was then asked to sit back down at their tables to watch the AVP of Section 3, which contained smart quips and witty remarks that not only left the crowd chuckling but also showed values such as the importance of seeing each other eye-to-eye and owning up to one’s mistakes.

After the entertaining AVP, a representative of the beneficiary Angat Pinas, Inc., Doctor Keisha Carisse Mangalili, an Old Girl, was given the chance to speak onstage. She expressed her gratitude to the students for giving their time and effort in making the event and donations to the non-profit organization possible. Ms. Jinky Addun, Grade 11 Class Adviser, and Bella De Leon gave her a certificate of appreciation and their donated funds.

The Benefit Dinner then proceeded to its last activity named ‘Light Up the Lanterns’ – a game where students and their partners had to answer riddles correctly to shade a lantern that was given on a piece of paper.

The last AVP presented was from Section 4, in which students and guests alike were charmed with their interesting yet engaging editing style and showed their diversity in the class through their ‘38 Questions Vogue’-inspired theme. Afterward, the students and guests were then led to the moment they have all been waiting for: the awards. Two awards were presented at the event, the first one being the ‘Gaia’s Garment Award’, which showcased the creativity and individuality of the crowd by being on-theme with their outfits. Students and guests from each section alike were nominated and called onstage to be applauded. From the results of a survey, the final winner that was picked for the award was Briana Calixto from 11-2, and Paolo Torqueza– a date from 11-1. The second award, named ‘Fauna’s Film Award’, was an award based on which among the four sections had the best AVP – where unity and sisterhood were shown. The AVPs of 11-2 and 11-3 were tied and the Vice Presidents of the aforementioned sections, Sienna Rodrigo and Tanya Chuico respectively, were called onstage to receive their awards.

The band “Novae”, the batch band of Batch 2022, was called to perform songs for the slow dance portion of the event. Students and guests alike were invited to the dance floor to waltz with each other. Once the dance ended, all were called to return to their seats as Ms. Jinky Addun delivered the closing remarks. To top it all off, the Komusikasyon members of the batch marvelously sang ‘An Irish Blessing’ by James E. Moore Jr.– a song about meeting each other again in the future– to conclude the night. All guests and students left the venue motivated to find their happily ever after.