High School Intramurals

By: Jea Arguelles (Grade 11-4)

February 21, 2021

Last February 19, 2021, Assumption Antipolo held its first-ever online Intramurals for Grades 8-12 with the theme: “Bound by the Spirit of Sisterhood and Camaraderie, we continue to rise, walk by faith, and love our times.” Despite the limitations presented by our current situation, both the teachers and the students were determined to make the experience a success for everyone involved.


Group Photo from the event

This year’s Intramurals showcased several events, with the students given the chance to pick and sign up for their preferred event. These are: Fitness Bingo, Push-Ups, Squats, Sit-ups, Jumping Jacks, Online Sungka, Pictionary, Wikipedia, Chess, TikTok Dance Challenge, Scrabble, Tetris, PE Knows, Sudoku, Rebus, and Homecourt. A day before the Intramurals, the High School club time was allotted for the orientation to the events. The moderators introduced the sports and the rules that the students were expected to follow. By the end of the day, everyone was beyond excited to see what the next day would bring.


Throwback photos from the event

The much-awaited Creative Learning Centers followed at 9:30 AM. The students joined four virtual learning centers that helped them practice the school thrust with their families while developing their multiple intelligences. Students learned to make baked sushi in the Logico-Math and Spatial Intelligence Learning Center. They danced and sang as they had their Family Parachute Time in the Music and Kinesthetic Learning Center. They put together things they gathered from nature and created a “Peace of Land” in the Naturalist-Intrapersonal Learning Center. Meanwhile, the Verbal Linguistic Interpersonal Learning Center aimed to develop kindness as it led the families to dialogue about how they can help others during these difficult times. Everyone enjoyed the learning centers but the Polly Survey results showed that the Logico-Math and Spatial Intelligence Learning Center was the favorite of most preschoolers.


Photo taken during the TikTok Dance Challenge

Like every day in Assumption Antipolo, the Intramurals opening ceremony started with a prayer. This was followed by the student-athletes’ motivational speeches accompanied by their prepared videos which inspired the students to see the online Intramurals as a fresh, new experience rather than something to replace the well-loved AA Intramurals that took place in the past years. Then, as per tradition, each student was called to recite the Oath of Sportsmanship. After the opening ceremony, the students were asked to proceed to their respective events channel, to do their best, and to play with the motive of having a good time and promoting camaraderie across batches.


Photo taken from Grade 8 Batch Cheer Video

With the events happening online, it was important that everyone was properly guided. This was why the Intramurals team in MS Teams included a Help Desk channel to ensure that anyone who had questions would receive assistance. A channel for the e-games was also set-up, thus allowing the participants’ batchmates to view the game as it happens.


Photo taken from Call of Duty Mobile games

To end the online Intramurals on a high note, each batch was tasked to create a cheer and record it, which was then shown to the entire High School body. Aside from these pre-recorded batch cheers, the closing ceremony also comprised of closing remarks from Ms. Odette Abarquez, Director for Academic Affairs, and a special tribute to the Seniors 2021 because it’s their last year participating in the Intramurals.


Photo taken from Grade 12 Batch Cheer

Knowing that this school year has been a challenge to many, the Intramurals turned out to be a monumental event indeed as it provided a way for the students to connect with their batchmates and the different batches as well. It encouraged the competitiveness in each one of us while, at the same time, challenging us to remember the true goal of this event: solidarity and loving our times. While being physically away from our school community for so long has been trying, the act of unity showcased in the Intramurals reminded everyone that we must accept our situation for what it is and not let it dampen our spirits.

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