Open House 2021

By: Ms. Berlyn Dayacap

February 29, 2020

As the School Year 2020-2021 migrated to the online setup, many school events were also modified to be implemented virtually. The Open House was one of these school events, as it was held online for the very first time. Assumption Antipolo opens its doors annually to visitors and families of prospective applicants to give them an idea of the kind of community and learning environment that their daughters will experience when they enroll in AA. This year, the virtual doors opened to more than a hundred attendees.


Photo from Open House Event

The attendees were welcomed by the host of the program, Teacher Monique Verdadero. She began with an opening prayer and a short introduction. This was followed by messages from the School Director, Ms. Marie Grace Magtaas, and the AA Community Superior, Sr. Clare Cecilia Salvani, r.a., who gave insight and wisdom about what it is like to be part of the Assumption Antipolo community.


Photo of Teacher Monique Verdadero during the event

After the welcoming remarks from Ms. Grace and Sr. Clare, the attendees watched an enlightening video about the history of Assumption Antipolo entitled “AA Through the Years”. They were also given a glimpse of the many engaging activities and programs that promote community spirit and well-being such as the video about Ramen, a therapy dog assigned to the school. After the videos, Ms. Odette Abarquez, Director for Academic Affairs, explained the Assumption Antipolo Transformative Remote Education Experience, more popularly referred to as the AA TREE program. In her informative talk, Ms. Odette explained the school’s procedures and programs in remote learning.


Photo of Ms. Marie Grace Magtaas during the event

The next part of the program engaged the participants through a game. Prizes to be sent to the winners via courier include: a St. Marie Eugenie coloring book, art kits for preschool and elementary winners, and a novel for the high school winner. After the games, the participants viewed recorded online class videos via links provided. The program concluded with a Question and Answer portion and closing remarks from the host, Teacher Monique.


Photo of Sr. Clare Salvani during the event

Positive feedback from the participants poured in, signaling the success of the first AA Online Open House. One participant was enamored by Ramen, the therapy dog. Others stated that they found the program “thrilling”. Assumption Antipolo may have kept its physical campus closed this school year, but the school community remains as warm and welcoming to newcomers as it has always been.


Photo from our Ramen Tour Video

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