Preschool Day 2021

By: Teacher Lith Villarico

February 6, 2021

Assumption Antipolo successfully migrated another annual event online!

Dr. Seuss said, “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” This is exactly what happened during the Preschool Family Day last February 6, 2021. This first-ever virtual gathering of the entire Preschool family had an attendance of over 200 individuals.


Photo from Shekinah Faith Espinosa and family

The Preschool Family gathered via MS Teams through the Preschool Level Team at 9 AM. It started with a heartwarming opening program, the highlight of which is the sharing of how the families are able to live out the school thrust, “Rise together in God’s love; dare to walk by faith and love our times”, through their Family Project. Inspiring music videos, infomercials, and online posters showed their reflections and their values as a family.


Photo from Maria Briana Macasaet and her family

The much-awaited Creative Learning Centers followed at 9:30 AM. The students joined four virtual learning centers that helped them practice the school thrust with their families while developing their multiple intelligences. Students learned to make baked sushi in the Logico-Math and Spatial Intelligence Learning Center. They danced and sang as they had their Family Parachute Time in the Music and Kinesthetic Learning Center. They put together things they gathered from nature and created a “Peace of Land” in the Naturalist-Intrapersonal Learning Center. Meanwhile, the Verbal Linguistic Interpersonal Learning Center aimed to develop kindness as it led the families to dialogue about how they can help others during these difficult times. Everyone enjoyed the learning centers but the Polly Survey results showed that the Logico-Math and Spatial Intelligence Learning Center was the favorite of most preschoolers.


Photo from Claire Anne Tresvalles and family

All the action made everyone hungry in time for the Virtual Family Picnic at 10:30 AM. The families enjoyed their picnic spread at home and the baked sushi they made. While eating, they shared photos of their gathering and uploaded it to a discussion board. Some families received special awards for their outstanding participation. The day was capped with a rendition of the song “We’re All in this Together” and a prayer praising God and thanking Him for His love.


Photo from Isabella Louisse D. Bandola and family

Indeed, this is another successful annual event migrated online by the dedicated and loving Preschool teachers who all have a BIG heart to help shape little minds.


Photo from Cassandra Andrea Zamudio and family