Formators’ Week 2020: AAvengers Behind the Screen

Written by: Denise Bernardino (8-4) and Charlize Lavastida (9-3)

October 18, 2020

To kick-start the celebration of Formators’ Week 2020, a School Mass with the theme, “Bless Our Teachers, Who Lead Us to Walk by Faith and Love Our Times” was livestreamed last October 3, 2020. The Eucharistic celebration began with the praying of the Holy Rosary and ended with Komusikasyon's a capella rendition of Calum Scott’s ‘You are the Reason.’ The theme of the Formators’ Week was “Behind the Screen Heroes,” which was a way to express how the students view their teachers. Each day had a different theme, namely Memory Lane Monday, Thank You Tuesday, Winner Wednesday, Transformative Thursday, and Formator’s Friday. Each day, the Student Council of Assumption Antipolo (SCAA) created quirky virtual backgrounds that were aligned with the day’s theme for the students to use during classes.

Anne Bacud

A Dedication Letter from Anne Bacud on Memory Lane Monday

Aside from these, students from various batches offered personal thank you notes, comics, and filmed tributes dedicated to their formators to surprise and delight them. ”I felt special. I think what’s more special about it is the fact that messages and greetings were still sent even in this kind of setup.” said Sir Andrew Anzano, a teacher from Grade 8, after receiving these from his students.

Anne Bacud

A Comic Dedicated to Sir Yan Gallegos

To conclude the week, students and faculty were given time for rest and recreation on Friday, October 9. In a video that followed, Ms. Ginger Binuya, president of the AA Faculty and Staff Club, thanked the students and all those who participated in making Formators’ Week possible. Her closing words were: “Superhero, coach, teacher, mentor, formator. These are the titles we carry each day. We may not have bionic ears, super strength and powerful accessories with us but we can save the day with our learning tools...and our gentle smiles.” This served as a fitting closure to AA’s first online celebration of its formators and the love they pour into their work.

Always Live with Joy

Thank You Message from Denise Dee for Ms. Cruz