Formator’s Week ’21: Gratitude for Greatness

By AG Libatique, 12-2 and Ms. Ann Libatique, Grade 4 TIC

December 9, 2021


From Sandra Rocero to Dr. Melanie Carpizo

“The Olympians have arrived!”

This statement sparked the beginning of AA Formator’s Week 2021, with the theme “Our Online Olympians”. From October 4-8, the SCAA planned activities that allowed the students to express their gratitude to their formatorsthrough Facebook posts and Microsoft Teams banners based on the theme of the activity for that day.

The first activity was called “#MedalistMonday”. Students shared affirmation messages for their teachers by tagging them in their message. Some even opted to use GIFs and attach pictures to express their gratitude for their formators.

On “#TimelessTuesday”, students shared songs to give their teachers a boost and get them energized throughout the day. They used the reply banner to suggest song links with positive vibes. Some even posted playlists to give their formators a set of songs to listen to.

For “WinnerWednesday”, students gave awards to their teachers by sending a digital certificate or recognition statement. Students came up with witty and creative awards for their formators such as “Best In Using The Whiteboard” and “Best In Taking Screenshots”.

On “#ThankfulThursday”, students showed their appreciation for their teachers by sending them messages in the reply banner. Student counterparts also made Padlets for their teacher counterparts so students from all batches could express their gratitude to their different subject teachers.

The last day of the event was called “#FinaleFriday. Everyone was encouraged to share an interesting anecdote about their teachers. To end the event, the SCAA posted a video showcasing “thank you” messages from students for all formators. Some even created their own posts or song covers to express their gratitude to our faculty and staff.


From Kal-elNuguid to Ms. Monica Peña

All the efforts by the organizers were deeply appreciated by the AA Formators. Here’s the take of one formator, Ms. Ann Libatique, on how the week was like for her:

Grateful and blessed! I’m sure these same feelings also resonate among the teachers and staff of AA in celebration of the Formators’ Week. We are now on our second year of online classes, and, despite the pandemic, the Administrative Team, Student Council, and Family Council still delivered the best Formators’ Week possible. Teachers and staff were treated to a fun and exciting week-long celebrationwhich included students’ performances that gave us all a sense of anticipation and revelry. There were so many memorable activities:from uploading of photos of our workspaces, receiving letters from students, and doing a scavenger hunt, to creating memes and having a raffle draw.

Though we miss the students singing and dancing live in our pre-pandemic setup, the performances from the different levels remain a joy to watch. The efforts of our girls in coming up with videos to showcase their talents and skills just to entertain us are truly remarkable.

Though nothing beats receiving handwritten and personally delivered letters and cards with sweet and thoughtful messages, our dear students still found ways to express their affirmations virtually by sending certificates, awards, GIFs, and personal messages just to show their heartfelt love, gratitude, and appreciation.

To top it all, the Family Council gave a special gift for us to enjoy and dedicate to our wellness, astheir own way of expressing their appreciation and gratitude to all AA Faculty and Staff. This was truly a sweet icing on the cake to end the week-long celebration of Formator’s Week.

Our accomplishments may notbe at par with Hidilyn Diaz’s but being recognized as OlympiaAAnsby our students is a big honor we, AA Formators, sincerely cherish. We consider each day that we spend with our students a blessing and an opportunity to continuously shape young mindsby sharing what we know and challenging our students to be the best that they can be. We hopewe would leave a positive mark on our students’ lives that would bring forth women of faith and women of action.

Our hearts are filled with so much joy. Thank you very much for this amazing week.

Hearing such words from an AA Formator can further inspire students to do their best and continue to show appreciation for all their teachers. A week is truly not enough to express gratitude to the formators who continue to help their students grow in accordance withtheir AA values. The AA community is truly blessed to work with so many OlympiAAns.


From Nicolle Francisco to Ms. Malu San Andres