Grade 11 Entrepreneurship: Service through the Screen

By AG Libatique, 11-2 and Jea Arguelles, 11-4

December 1, 2020


Photo of Thirdman from Pexels

The Grade 11's Entrepreneurship Week is one of Assumption Antipolo's most-awaited events. Instead of the usual concessionaire stands at the Eco-Fair, the businesses were launched online on November 9-27, 2020. Newsfeeds were filled with posters and videos alike, showcasing the different products being sold. It was a way for the entrepreneurs to promote their advocacies as well as prepare for their future endeavors.

The Grade 11 students had already been preparing for weeks prior to this event since online selling is new and, for some, perhaps more difficult than selling in the face-to-face setup. Groupings for the businesses were already arranged during the first week of online classes. Each group thought of their very own concept and theme for their online business, with the freedom to choose whether to sell a product or service. Most groups chose to sell products such as clothes, accessories, food, etc. which paved the way for the variety of stores for this year’s online Entrepreneurship Week.

During the selling period, the students spent their breaks and free time managing their businesses. The businesses took a lot out of the aspiring entrepreneurs but that only pushed them to work harder, putting so much time and effort into promoting the advocacies behind their products. Many have chosen to create businesses that align with their own and their target market’s personal beliefs.

By the end of the activity, the Grade 11 students and teachers alike were proud to consider this as a success. Because customers gave positive feedback about their products and services, some groups were motivated to consider continuing their business even after Entrepreneurship Week. This whole experience allowed the Juniors to further appreciate online businesses as they had to take on a different perspective to truly understand what entrepreneurship through a screen entails. The valuable lessons they learned serve as an essential stepping-stone for these future entrepreneurs.