Smiles Through the Screens

By Sophia Aquino, 8-2

November 28, 2020


Photo by patcharaporn1984 from

Our times have definitely proven to be a test of patience and resilience. This was seen in the smiles of the sitio nanays, farmers, and SPED students that the Assumptionistas were able to talk to through their annual AKK Interaction held during the 2nd Quarter.

Though this year’s AKK Interaction was definitely different compared to the past years, the students were still able to witness the situations their partners were facing: challenges such as unemployment, lowered income, and the worsening economy. In addition to these, they had to make adjustments in order to meet the needs of their children who have to attend classes online and do modular learning. But after all that, they still had the capability to smile at the students and stay strong. The students took this as an opportunity to learn more about resilience and gratefulness by asking questions about their partners’ families, source of income, and state of well-being during these challenging times.

The AKK activity may have been short, but it was meaningful nonetheless. As it came to a close, the students were met with contented smiles from those they conversed with. Though the activity seemed simpler compared to the face-to-face interactions in the past, the participants from both sides were able to learn from each other and showed their smiles through the screens.