TindAAhan: Sharing is Selling

By AG Libatique, 11-2 and Yana Uy, 11-1

July 2, 2021


Photo credit belongs to The Pizzeria Clothing Co.

Generosity that goes beyond the school premises is a value which Assumption Antipolo consistently promotes. The AA alumni project named TindAAhan or the AA Marketplace shows just that. The Facebook group allows both current and former AA students to promote and sell their products through online posts. The group was created on June 26, 2020 and remains active today, with a variety of products being posted every week.
Majority of the sellers are Old Girls or Assumption alumnae. The offerings include, but are not limited to food, pre-loved items, and jewelry. Some sellers have even gone as far as starting their own brands.
The Pizzeria Clothing Co., established by Batch 2018 Old Girls (and former Plaid Ideas members) Pearl Hernandez, Casey Delvo, and Gabby Serote, garnered attention and rightfully so. Their fun and quirky designs make for a great addition to any closet and their innovative packaging is sure to catch your attention. Each piece retails for Php 750 and comes in five sizes.
Another notable project is Caf To Go, a business and advocacy to help the manongs and manangs of AA, established by Nikki Pring. The project provides opportunities to help support the staff and cooks while also satisfying campus-food cravings. Caf to Go serves classic AA dishes and delicacies such as Baked Mac, Crinkles, and the well-known Coffee Bun. Prices range from Php 80 to Php 2,280, depending on serving size and delivery rates.
TindAAhan has not only provided a platform for Assumptionistas to connect through selling, but it has also paved the way for them to offer their services to those in need. Businesses like Caf To Go, The Pizzeria Clothing Co., and many more showed their creativity and dedication to service through their products and advocacies. These are a testament to the Assumption values that they continue to live out despite experiencing these challenging times.