Practicing Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship with the Senior High

By Chesca de Silva, 12-1

The annual Eco Fair was held last September 27-28, 2019 at the Multi-Purpose Building to promote sustainability and ecological awareness through the different businesses and food concessionaires. The Senior High School students seized the opportunity to become self-made entrepreneurs by becoming concessionaires during the fair.

The Grade 11 and 12 were given the chance to take their first business venture by selling products that were healthy, eco-friendly, and catering to students, teachers and guests. From scrunchies and plantable pencils to tote bags and frozen yogurt, a wide variety of products were sold by students in their respective booths. Their creativity was shown in every aspect of the businessesㅡ in marketing, product ideas, business logos and concepts, but most importantly in implementing the ‘zero-waste’ policy.

The purpose of this activity is to further develop the students’ skills in collaboration and teamwork through a real-life application of running an eco-friendly business. This experience gave a glimpse of entrepreneurship with all its challenges, and taught the importance of teamwork in becoming successful without having to sacrifice being stewards of creation.

Joyful Service

Kalinaw, a group of Grade 11 students, sells notebooks, plantable pencils, and keychains during the Eco Fair on September 27-28, 2019.
(Photo by Jamie Samson, 11-1).

Joyful Service

Ben and Terry’s, a group of Grade 12 students, sells frozen yogurt during the Eco Fair on September 27-28 2019.
(Photo by Jamie Samson, 11-1)

Always Live with Joy

MEMEmorabilia, a group of Grade 11 students, sells stickers, patches, pins, and drawstring bags during the Eco Fair on September 27-28 2019.
(Photo by Jamie Samson, 11-1)