Photo by Lyka Calingasan

On August 14, 2017, the students of Assumption Antipolo were given the opportunity to watch the performance of Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino or Kontra-GaPi, a dance and ethnic music ensemble from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

The group draws inspiration from Southeast Asian Gamelan music, Philippine indigenous music and African world music to express these peoples’ art and givetheir music back to them in a new, updated form. Their music is a fusion from Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, and other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. Kontra-GaPi's choice of instruments vary, with members playing the kulintang, gangsa, tongatong,gitigit, and other ethnic Philippine instruments. They even use the human body itself as an instrument through applause, stomping, chest pounding, and other means in order to produce a myriad of sounds.

Through this cultural show, the students were reminded of their roots and encouraged to appreciate their history.

Source : Clarisse Aquino (AA Writer)