Handog Pasasalamat 2018: Blessings Shared, Faith Forwarded

Written by: Gabrielle Pineda

On December 12-14, 2018, Assumption Antipolo held its yearly HandogPasasalamat, an alternative Christmas party where the students get to share their blessings and celebrate with different sectors of the community. Batcheshad partners ranging from public school students—De La Paz students, nanays from the surrounding sitios, farmers, auxiliary members, and indigenous groups—the Dumagats.

The school-wide event aims to improve relationships and unity between members of the community. Assumption students prepared for the event by decorating their classrooms, creating the general program, and preparing a Christmas Package to give to their respective partners after the event

The general program includes playing games and watching performances, specifically song and dance numbers, that promote the connectivity between one another. Not only that, but they also learned that when they share the blessings they’ve been given, they also forward the faith and value of solidarity onto others as well, which is the essence of this annual activity.

Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019

Nanay Jocelyn Sibya performs an OPM classic for the Grade 9 Section 4 students during the Handog Pasasalamat in their classroom on December 14, 2018.