Pursuing the Way of Joy in the AA Vigil and Dawn Mass

Written by: Clarisse Aquino

The Grades 9 to 12 students took part in the annual Youth Gathering and Advent Vigil of Assumption Antipolo, with the theme “Always with Joy: Beloved, Gifted, Empowered” last December 17-18, 2018. The Youth Gathering consisted of activities that gave a prayerful reflection so that everyone’s hearts are ledcloser to the Mystery of Incarnation and to the path of joy and salvation. The AA Faculty and Staff Band played songs that praised the Lord.Old Girls – specifically, Mrs. Cecille Santiago, Miss AraVillena and Miss Mara Eala – were also invited to share to the community their faith journey and their personal experiences on how God works in their lives.

With the sun about to set, the Advent Vigil began, starting with a procession. The main objective of this vigil is to prepare the students for the coming of Jesus Christ and to remind them of the commitment of Mary and Josephin becoming the family of Jesus Christ.

The Vigil was divided into three parts: Adoration, Sacrament or Reconciliation, and Sacred Space. These activities allowed the students to reflect on their personal experiences, recognizing that we are all Jesus’ Beloved. The following day, the Dawn Mass was celebrated with Father Roland Sepe, O.A.R. as the presider of the Eucharistic Celebration to conclude the Advent Vigil.

Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019 Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019

The students, teachers, and staff come together for the vigil proper as they go through the procession at Assumption Antipolo on December 17, 2018.

Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019

Grade 9-12 students participate in the various activities that are made to bring them closer to God during the Vigil at the Grade 1 cluster on December 17, 2018.