Joyful Service through the Holy Eucharist

Written by: Kathryn Chua, 9-4

‘For it is in giving that we receive.” This is a quote from St. Francis of Assisi presented by Dr. Ronald D. Motilla on his talk on mental health to the Junior High school department last Friday, July 26. He was just one of the many people who were a part of the activities the Guidance Department had in store for this school year’s Mental Health Awareness (MHA) week, spanning from July 22 to July 26.

Joyful Service

Grade 11 students pay Ramen a visit during the Dog Therapy activity in the Grade 12 locker room on July 26, 2019.
(Photo by: Jamie Samson)

Since 2016, Assumption Antipolo has celebrated MHA week, an event aimed to shine light on the climbing number of students that suffer depression and anxiety. This year’s theme, “Serve Joyfully, Live Happily”, is focused on showing students that serving and helping people is a way to help yourself while helping others. The MHA week included activities, such as the community dance per batch, multiple talks on Mental Health Awareness in different batches, and a therapy dog parade, which was very popular amongst the students, primary and high school alike.

Joyful Service

The Junior High students enjoys their time with Peppy, a therapy dog from Communitails at the High School Penthouse during the Mental Health Awareness Week on July 25,2019.
(Photo by: Luisa Elago)

These events have such a large impact on students and teachers that, hopefully, this event’s values will shine bright in the Assumption community’s core through-out the school year through future events like the Medical-Dental Mission, the School Production, and the annual School Fair.

Always Live with Joy

The Junior High students listen attentively about the talk regarding Mental Health by Dr. Ronaldo A. Motilla at the Assumpta Theatre during the Mental Health Awareness Week on July 26,2019.
(Photo by: Luisa Elago)