AA Intramurals: A Renewed Spirit of Sportsmanship

Written by: Justine Tiongco

Sportsmanship is redefined many times over, but its essence will stay the same. The annual Intramurals was held from October 23 to October 25 in the Assumption Antipolo campus. This event aimed to exercise the values of sportsmanship in the different sporting events, likewise to earn for their respective beneficiaries.

The opening ceremony was held in the Sport Complex, starting with a parade for the levels to present their cheers. Bianca Pagdanganan, the guest speaker for the ceremony, spoke to the assembly through a video. She redefined sportsmanship through her experience in golf and how the AA Intramurals would do the same.

The sports were scheduled beforehand for the general event to have a smoother flow, giving enough time for cheerers and athletes alike to support their batchmates. The AKK Food Sale also took place in those days, earning for Assumption scholars through the food and products they sold.

On the last day of the event, the high school batches assembled in the Multi-Purpose Building to award the athletes who won the events, the Overall Champions and, the first of its kind, the AA Spirit award. The AA Spirit award is given to the batch that exercises values of humility, sportsmanship, and unity in competing. Before the awards for the batches were given, the student body surprised the Grade 12 students, as it was their last Intramurals, by singing “Everyday” from Highschool Musical as one community.

The Grade 11 students were awarded both the Overall Champions and AA Spirit award for exemplifying a refined definition of sportsmanship during the Intramurals and hopefully carrying on in the next events to come.

Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019

The Grade 9 players compete with the Grade 10 players during the Intramurals for Ultimate Frisbee at the Soccer Field last October 25, 2018. (Photo by: Luisa Elago)

Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019

The AA Intramurals 2018-2019 begins with a ceremony after the parade of athletes at the Sports Complex on October 23, 2018. The ceremony includes the athletes pledging to play fairly and hearing an inspiring speech from Bianca Pagdanganan, a former AA student. (Photo by: Luisa Elago)

Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019

The Grade 9 basketball players cheer joyfully after they have won against the Grade 10 during the Basketball Intramurals at the Sports Complex during October 25, 2018 (Photo by: Luisa Elago)

Assumption Antipolo Opens SY 2018-2019

The Assumption Antipolo Highschool Students cheer together during the awarding ceremony of the AA Intramurals at the Multi Purpose Building last October 25, 2018. (Photo by: Luisa Elago)